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Signature Gallery

View a one‐of‐a‐kind poster from the Name the Mascot contest signed by six Hall of Famers, a number of famous Yankees and few surprises that you will not recognize but might find interesting. You can click on the names numbered below and travel to their fascinating stories. 

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Learn more about each person who signed the poster:

  1. David Hartman  (TV Personality)

  2. Frank Messer  (Sportscaster)

  3. Jason Cuban  (not a player)

  4. George Steinbrenner  (Team Owner)

  5. Brian Doyle  (Infielder)

  6. Art Fowler  (Coach)

  7. Ron Guidry  (Pitcher)

  8. Pete Sheehy  (Clubhouse Manager)

  9. Errol Doulan  (not a player)

  10. Mel Allen  (TV Announcer)

  11. Lou Kapole (not a player)

  12. Reggie Jackson  HoF (Outfielder)

  13. Rick Ford  (Mascot)

  14. Rich “Goose” Gossage HoF (Pitcher)

  15. Don Hood  (Pitcher)

  16. Jim Beattie  (Pitcher)

  17. Gene Monahan  (Trainer)

  18. John Lizzo  (Assistant Trainer)

  19. Jim Spencer  (Infielder)

  20. Billy Martin  (Manager)

  21. Jeff Torborg  (Coach)

  22. Phil Rizzuto  HoF (Sportscaster)

  23. Unknown

  24. Juan Beniquez  (Outfielder)

  25. Tommy John

  26. Oscar Gamble (Outfielder)

  27. Bill White  (Sportscaster)

  28. Fred Stanley  (Infielder)

29. Sal Perrone  (not a player)
30. Bob Lemon – HoF (Coach/Manager)
31. Brad Gulden  (Catcher)
32. Jim Hegan  (Coach)
33. Ron Davis (Pitcher)
34. Jim “Catfish” Hunter – HoF (Pitcher)
35. Roy White  (Infielder)
36. Lenny Randle  (Outfielder)
37. Barry Wanberg  (not a player)
38. Luis Tiant (Pitcher)
39. Jerry Narron  (Catcher)
40. Phil Pepe (Sports Writer)
41. Bucky Dent  (Infielder)
42. Lou Piniella (Infielder)
43. Mike Ferraro  (Coach)
44. Jim Kaat  (Pitcher)
45. Unknown
46. Ken Clay  (Pitcher)
47. Bobby Murcer (Infielder)
48. Graig Nettles  (Infielder)
49. Chris Chambliss  (First Baseman)
50. Unknown
51. Willie Randolph (Infielder)
52. John Disidiano  (not a player)
53. Nick Testa (Coach)
54. Randy Jones (Artist)
55. Yogi Berra – HoF (Coach)
56. Charley Lau (Coach)

Do you recognize one of the three unidentified signatures?
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