We made too many wrong mistakes.
— Yogi Berra
Cover Design by Midcoast Studio

Cover Design by Midcoast Studio

The Invisible Yankee

I began writing my first daft of The Invisible Yankee in August of 2010 after I got a call from Scott Cacciola of the Wall Street Journal interested in speaking to me about the demise of Dandy, the New York Yankees mascot. The article, The New York Yankees’ Long-Forgotten Mascot went viral after it was published. With Scott’s encouraging words, he convinced me that I had a story to tell if I was so inclined to take on the daunting task to go back in time and write. The manuscript has evolved over the years to more than I could have ever imagined by interviewing Ted Giannoulas, the San Diego Chicken and Dave Raymond the original Phillie Phanatic who shared their insightful experience and knowledge about the mascot culture of the 70’s. Jeremy Schaap from ESPN interviewed me for an episode of E:60. The Forgotten Yankee aired on June 24, 2018 and has since gone viral bringing Dandy’s story to a global audience. However, the segment only scratched the surface of what really happened to Dandy and why his life ended so tragically.

Please drop me a line expressing your interest in the book and I will be sure to keep you updated as to when and where you will be able to purchase a copy.

Thank you.

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